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Touch is a young and motivated collective bent on making a revolutionary wallet backed by eCommerce and Web 3.0. We aim to develop and release the Touch Wallet - Your all in one cryptocurrency wallet that allows real world payments via your smart phones NFC.

Touch Payment Network

  • The Touch Payment Network will rival current payment standards by creating a network that allows users to enjoy the transparency of blockchain while using decentralised currencies in everyday life.
  • Cryptocurrencies need a better user experience in order to have a meaningful impact in today’s market - this is the main barrier preventing wide spread adoption of cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is rapidly becoming the standard for in-store payments around the world. The inherent security and usability provides an easy option for anyone to pay anywhere - simply by tapping their phone.

The Touch Wallet

  • Users create a secure account linked to their identity and username
  • The Touch Wallet holds all of your digital currency and cryptographic items in one place
  • Users can exchange tokens and make payments via the Touch Payment Network
  • We use state channels for instant low cost transactions between parties
  • Transactions are stored on the Ethereum Public Blockchain to guarantee security and immutability
  • Follow our release guide over the next year detailing all the locations you can pay with TST in store.



Send secure transactions to a username - not a 40-character hexadecimal address.

NFC Payments

In-store and in person payments, providing a route to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Multi-Currency Wallet

HD Wallet that accepts multiple currencies.
Access and pay with all of your cryptocurrency from one wallet.


An easy to use portal that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency and sell their products.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you using blockchain?

Our first company value is that user data will not be sold or manufactured for profit in anyway. Part of our solution to the problem is that we don’t have advertising.

This includes no push advertising, no banners and no pop-ups within our network and applications. With blockchain technology, we can securely record payments across the Touch Payment Network and enable security protocols that keep both users and merchants protected.

What does TST do?

TST is a fuel that powers the Touch Payment Network. Users can register their Identity with TST and open payment channels in order to send digital currency instantly at low cost. Our token acts as a store of value and enables users to pay with cryptocurrency in store via NFC - just by holding it. TST will also be used on our Touch Social Network coming next year.

What Are The Tokens Called?

Touch Spot Tokens a.k.a TST.

Where Will The Touch Wallet Be Supported?

We have been working hard to secure a huge list of online & in-store commerce retailers that will start accepting The Touch Wallet as we roll out the release of our Alpha & Beta. We aim to have The Touch Wallet be fully supported globally by 2020.

Do you hold any private key data?

The Touch Wallet is a fully decentralised universal wallet service. All private key and seed phrase data is stored securely on the users device - you own your digital currency.

On Which Platforms Will The Touch Wallet Be Available?

The Touch Wallet will be available on both iOS & Android.

Mobile app

Touch Wallet

Our wallet will be released later this year on both iOS and Android operating systems. Follow our upcoming release guides to see where you can pay with TST.

iphone iphone
About token

Token Sale

  • Name: Touch Spot Token
  • Type: ERC20
  • Symbol: TST
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 TST
Token Functions

Utility Functions

Utility Functions

Identity - TST is required to register identity on the Touch Network.

Payment Channels - Token holders can open and use payment channels with any cryptocurrency supported on the network.

NFC - The TST token allows users to pay securely in store via NFC.

Incentivisation - Online and in-store business transactions carry a 1% transaction fee to cover network costs. These transaction fees are paid to the network in its native currency $TST.